Yard Sale Gems: Don’t Miss Out

how to profit from a yard sale

Why a Yard Sale!

As spring approaches… so does the itch to get rid of some of that old stuff.

Time to get rid of all the things taking up your extra space but did it cross your mind you could make money now with a little spring cleaning?

Most people initially try their hand at typical methods of making money online and all but ignore money-making items that sit right before them; not that you can’t earn money online but yard sales can bring in money in a matter of days.

Can I Really Make Money Now from a Yard Sale?

You can ABSOLUTELY make money now just by selling old items that take up space. Your typical college students, with a very limited budget, usually find yard sales a cheap and convenient way to get things they need like clothing, books, kitchen utensils, etc.

In addition, people from all income levels peruse yard sales looking for treasures. In many instances, people combine traditional yard sales with options to list their items and make money on the Internet as an easy way to bring in additional funds.

I find myself shopping yard sales in really nice neighborhoods… many times the owners just have stuff they want to unload. It allows for some great deals.

The vast majority of things on sale are in very good condition or at the very least in usable condition but there’s always a chance someone needs to use the item for parts.

How do I Organize a Yard Sale?

The first thing you have to do is see what items you’re willing to part with. Everyone has items, including clothing that is no longer in use; packed in the basement or attic, underneath the beds or in storage.

Make a list!

Gather those treasures!

Create an inventory.

Not sure why… but creating an inventory is the most disliked task of a yard sale, but here’s why a good inventory list can really help you.

Each item will detail the condition, color, price and perhaps the age and whether or not you’re willing to decrease that price.

A complete inventory can give you insight into the value of your items and potential profit.

Create price tags. Now that you have gathered all the articles you’re going to put on sale and prepared your inventory go ahead and tag each item with a price.

Tip: Try pricing items slightly higher than you truly want… most yard sale customers are hagglers. They will usually try to get a cheaper price no matter what.

Do I need a permit?

Make sure you do not have to ask for any special permission to hold a yard sale, as there are some neighborhoods, HOA’s or even city statutes that require a permit to hold public yard sales.

It is better to do a little investigating before placing flyers.

Shout it out with advertising!

The last thing that goes into organizing a yard sale is the advertising. You can easily create your own flyer’s to post at grocery stores, in mailboxes, laundromats, and anywhere many people are accustomed to shop. People who shop like learning about new places to find deals so promote accordingly.

Another approach to selling your items quickly is to list them online. People are earning money online by listing their personal items on eBay, Craigslist and several other auction sites.

Tip: Facebook’s online yard sale groups have become huge! Look up the groups in your surrounding area and request to join. The more users in the group… the better.

How to Rake the Money in from a Yard Sale!

Curb appeal plays a big role.

If the area looks inviting to people they are more willing to stop and browse.

If you’re setting up outside make sure the area isn’t located just downwind of bad smells. No one will stop and stand if they must hold their breath.

Make sure a crowd will be able to move around, so refrain from choosing a location that packs them in.

Stage your items for selling.

One of the big retail secrets is how they mix and intertwine items to part you with your cash. Clothing should be organized in one area but you can showcase a complete outfit to draw attention. In fact, this is a well-known tactic of online retailers and how their earning money online.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

Just another sales tactic that every vendor uses and the free item doesn’t have to be in the same category. You can also use the ‘free gift’ with every sale tactic. Consumers buy more when they perceive a good deal.

Promote items on Facebook and Instagram. You should promote with Snapshots of those must-have items. A beautiful coat at an unbelievable price, a well-known fashion brand, seasonable and hard-to-find items should be promoted to draw in a big crowd.

Earning Money Online with Yard Sale Treasures!

The art of selling yard sale treasures online is in the pricing and promotion. As I mentioned before, consumers are always willing to part with cash for good deals so if your items are priced well, they will sell quickly.

Also, you must promote in high-traffic areas.

If you would promote your yard sale at your areas busiest locations, then you need to promote on Craigslist or Backpage if you are looking forward to earning online money.

Most novice sellers feel overwhelmed when approaching the concept of making money online but it’s actually easier than traditional selling.

Your audience is larger and available 24/7 giving you the advantage to make sales any time day or night.  Consider these tips to take full advantage of pulling in some online money;

  • Your item(s) should look good and be priced for a must-have deal.
  • Take several pictures of the item, including close-ups to show the condition and any special details about the item. For example, if a purse has several compartments, make that clear with several pictures.
  • If the item is a brand-name product take pictures of the label and any other appropriate proof

Lastly, if you’re feeling shy about holding a traditional yard sale and you’re wondering how to make quick cash you can look for community sales.

They typically rent tables and you don’t have to worry about promotion because they generally promote the event.

Earning money with your spring cleaning items is surely possible whether you choose to earn money online or go the traditional yard sale route.

Hopefully you are able to come away with some useful ideas and tips from this article.


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