Finding Your Virtual Wallet Routing Number

Here are the steps to finding your PNC Virtual Wallet routing number

I thought I should write a quick post on how to find your PNC Virtual Wallet routing number because it took me a ridiculous amount of time to find this number when it should be pretty easy to obtain.

With Virtual Wallet being focused on electronic transactions… most people don’t have checks or paper billing statements.

When viewing your statement online you only get your account number.

The access to your virtual wallet routing number is very limited, without a clear path.

So, here you go!

Update: Here is an easier way to finding your PNC Virtual Wallet routing number

This method works when you accept the newer version of virtual wallet on your desktop / laptop computer.

  1. Log into your PNC Virtual Wallet account.
  2. You will see a yellow bar (pictured below) telling you to try the newer version of virtual wallet. Click on “Learn More”.

Step number one to finding PNC virtual wallet routing number


3. After clicking on “learn more” you will get a pop-up with all the benefits of the new virtual wallet.

         Click on “Try it Now”Step number three for getting your PNC virtual wallet routing number


4. The site now looks completely different. Find “Account Activity” as shown below & click it.

Step number 3 to accessing your virtual wallet routing number

5. Now you can see one of your accounts in a drop-down box.

           Select the account you want and then click on “show account and routing number.

step number four to finding your pnc virtual wallet routing number

Again, the previously mentioned steps are for finding your virtual wallet routing number when switching to the new version of PNC Virtual Wallet. You can always switch to the new version and switch back to the old if you prefer.


How To Find Your PNC Virtual Wallet Routing Number

Update: This is the way to find your virtual wallet routing number if you choose to stay with the older website.

  1. Log into your PNC Virtual Wallet Account (orange box near top right of the page) 
  2. Click on the “Customer Service” option (main menu bar) 
  3. Under Account Services, click the “Quick Switch Accounts to PNC” link 
  4. The first option is Switch a Direct Deposit. At the far right click the “Switch Direct Deposits” link 
  5. Scroll to the bottom, select “Single PNC Account” then click the “Continue” button 
  6. You will see a “Drop-down box” to the right of the page. Select your preferred account. 
  7. After page reload. Notice your routing number to the left of the page.

That’s it! Now you have two ways to accessing your virtual wallet routing number from PNC.

Write it down or print the page so you don’t have to go through this again.

Hopefully this saved you some time and sanity!

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  1. Thanks so much! I’ve looked it up a few times but it took forever. This helped a lot! Much faster.

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    Thank you SO MUCH. Why do they make this information so difficult to find???? Lost an hour of my life while trying to pay a bill online with my PNC account.

  22. Super helpful! I’ve always used the number from checks in the past, but people don’t use checks anymore.

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  24. You’re welcome Stephanie! Glad I could help… Thanks for commenting.

  25. Thanks for commenting! Happy I could help.

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