How To Use eBay To Sell Unwanted Items

how to sell household items and things I don't need on ebay

I have been selling on eBay since 2004. I was in college and had never heard of eBay until I was looking for some cheat codes for a video game. I soon realized that there were just regular people selling almost anything on the site.

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In college I always stayed up late so I remember getting on eBay to find auctions closing soon. My thought was if the auctions are ending at 3 or 4am I have a better shot of winning and getting a huge discount.

The first item I sold on eBay was Madden 2005.

I actually bought it on eBay for $10.75. Then, resold it for $41.50… not too bad.

I went on to sell some old basketball jerseys, drums, old game consoles that were still in my parents house.

At one point I was even selling gaming cheat codes that I copied from the internet… the buyers just didn’t take the time to search!

It was fun and those were the good old days.

Take a look at how you can sell your own household stuff on eBay today!

Selling What You Already Own

The key lies in selling what you already own on eBay.

Take a quick inventory of everything in your home or apartment that you haven’t even touched in the last six months. For most people, there are dozens of items.

These are things that you may have forgotten you owned, like an old juicer that you haven’t used for years.

They are things that you may have been interested in for a time, but your interests have changed; for example, perhaps you played guitar, and you still have over $1,000 of guitar equipment in your basement, even though you haven’t been in a band since you were 19.

No matter what you have, if you want to know how to make quick cash, you just have to get rid of it.

You’re not talking about essentials or things that you still find valuable.

The trick is to find all of the things that you do not need and you do not use, things that have a great deal of monetary value to people who want them, but none to you.

Selling them does not detract from your quality of life at all, and you probably will not even notice they are gone. However, you can bring in a good deal of cash without very much effort.

You just have to start putting up listings in your spare time, and then no more work is needed on your part.

What Should You Sell?

To start making money on eBay, you first have to determine what you should sell. For example, you may want to get rid of childhood items that you gathered over the years, things that could have value to collectors. These things could include:

  • Toys that are still in the box.
  • Books that you once read.
  • Outdated video game systems.
  • And much, much more.

Collectors are willing to pay large amounts of money to get the things that they want.

Perhaps you do not have any childhood items, but you keep thinking to yourself: “I need money, and I must have something to sell.” The good news is that you certainly do. Popular items to sell on eBay for quick money include:

  • Small appliances.
  • Used bikes.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Old phones.
  • Computers and printers.
  • Watches and jewelry.
  • Coats and jackets.
  • Televisions and tablets.

Again, don’t think that you need to begin selling the things that you use.

This is about downsizing.

You may own three winter coats, but you really only wear one. What if you could sell each coat for $50?

That would be $100 that you would have in exchange for jackets that were doing nothing more than taking up space. You can earn money online and you still have your own winter coat when the snow begins to fall, so everyone wins.

How to List Items on eBay

The beauty of this system, besides the fact that you are sitting on a lot of extra cash right now, is that it is very easy to list things on eBay. You do not have to be experienced in order to make money on the Internet. The list of basic items that you need includes:

  1. A computer.
  2. A camera
  3. A USB cable or an SD drive on your computer.
  4. An Internet connection.
  5. An account for monetary transfers. This could be a bank account or an online service, such as PayPal.

That’s all you need. These are things that most people have easy access to. Even if you do not own the items yourself, you could use the computer at the local library to set things up.

Note: You can take forget about the first 4 items on the list if you have a smartphone. Just download the eBay & PayPal apps.

How to Make Quick Cash on eBay

To make your listing, you first need to make an account on eBay. You will need to sign up with an email address and put in your payment details to start selling. After you do that, follow these simple steps:

1. Identify your item.

You can do this with short keywords, the UPC, or the ISBN.

2. Write a description of the item.

You can start by simply stating what it is, using the brand name, the model number, and things of this nature.

3. Take pictures of the item.

The best pictures are the ones that are taken against a plain white background. You can upload multiple pictures for free, so take a few shots at different angles.

4. Upload your pictures.

Make sure that the clarity is high, as a better picture makes your item look more attractive.

5. Set your starting price.

This is where the auction begins, and you can set a reserve. You can also post a Buy It Now instant purchase price.

6. List the item.

With one click, your item goes live for the predetermined time frame.

Sit back and watch the bids come in…

Heads up, most people do not bid until the auctions final day. You will be making money on eBay from home, with no other work required.

The world of eBay can be a great source for earning some extra cash.

Millions of customers shop the site everyday looking for just about everything you can think of selling.  As I mentioned, while in college a highly anticipated video game was released. I simply made a list of cheat codes for that video game and sold them on eBay.

I made a little over $100 in 5 days by just selling a couple sheets of paper! If successful you can also make selling on eBay into a full-time business… but we will get into that in another article.

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Good luck and have fun!

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