Life’s Road Blocks

In life we are faced with road blocks we must overcome

I thought it would be fitting for me to write this one today… mainly because I’ve hit road blocks MANY times.

Usually I plan these post out and research some things before it goes live on the site. But, after spending the weekend trying to recover my crashed computer I didn’t plan anything.

I received some really positive news on Friday.

Shortly after getting this good news… my computer crashed.

I have tons of files, writings, images, and much more (luckily all info and files for my / client websites are on a secure server).

Still, I may have lost a lot of personal information.

So, I wanted to write this fairly brief post today sharing my experience and giving insight on avoiding these types of situations down the road.

Be Proactive

I was backing up my computer every three months. The last back-up was in January… meaning last month it should have been backed up again!

Did I do it?


That’s all on me. If I had taken a few minutes to back up all the new files I wouldn’t be concerned about the file loss.

The other issue is not knowing why the crash occurred… I am usually good about not clicking or opening malicious files, but I have been connecting to an open WiFi connection for months. (Open to hackers)

Did I purchase a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like I was advised?


Again, my fault!

My point is, there are small things we can do everyday that can change the outcome of a future situation.

Try to think about the small things you can do to positively impact your life and ultimately save you from a larger burden later.

Leaving the small things can equal… Road Blocks!

The other point is this…

Go Through, Around, Over & Under Road Blocks

No matter what you do there will be a road block at some point in life.

It’s about what you do when you find yourself staring at, what you may think is an immovable object.

We can’t hang it up when something gets in our way.

Obstacles, failures, heartache… these all leave lessons behind. They build character.

We just have to find our way past the road block.

With my computer crashing, I thought about no doing a post this week. Then I thought…

What’s my excuse?

I could go to the library, get a library card, and use their computers. Even though I don’t have access to the post I have already started writing… I can just write a new one.

There are so many successful people in the world who were knocked down, told they couldn’t make it happen, and have lost everything.

They managed to get themselves going again, beating road blocks and achieving their goals.

Each one of us has our own version of success.

Deep down we know what we need to put out in order to reach that point.

The most important thing is not letting road blocks stand in our way.

5 Comments on "Life’s Road Blocks"

  1. This is awesome. The perfect encouragement at the perfect time.

  2. Thanks! I needed some encouragement for myself too… glad you enjoyed this one.

  3. Very encouraging! Thanks for the friendly advice!

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Thanks for reminding me. I have been meaning to backup for awhile. Just started the Amazon Drive trial, I use carbonite before, but they seem to have gotten a bit pricey.

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