Differences Between Amazon Tap & Echo

The Amazon Tap is one of the newest introductions into Amazon’s arsenal of voice controlled tech gadgets. I recently wrote about the Amazon Echo and how it is an underestimated GIANT.

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Well now Amazon has raised the bar in offering the new Tap. This new device still pairs with Amazon’s Alexa.

I’ve done some reading and watched a few videos about the Amazon Tap to see what similarities / differences I could find.

Lets dive into the Amazon Tap vs the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Tap

The Amazon Tap is an Alexa enabled speaker. Naming the device “Tap” is short and sweet but also drives home the fact that you actually have to tap the device before asking any questions. Clear photo of the Amazon Tap

Unlike the Amazon Echo. The Echo is always listening and uses a “wake-word”… no “tapping needed.

The Amazon Tap connects through WiFi or mobile hot-spot connection where you can ask it to:

  • Order Pizza
  • Provide news and weather reports
  • Play music from Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn

The Tap also streams music from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. It also has a solid speaker that delivers 360 degree sound and is powered by Dobly.

Just like the Amazon Echo, the Tap is always learning and adding new capabilities. Using the Alexa Cloud based Voice System you can still order Dominos, call an Uber, or ask what the weather is like in Los Angeles.

The Amazon Tap is “Portable”

As I said in the beginning… the Amazon Tap is built to travel with you. Where the Echo is more of a stay-at-home device.

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The Tap is more compact so you toss in in your bag / backpack or add a Amazon Tap Sling Cover to protect it from bumps and bruises.

Here are Slings for the Amazon Tap in white, black, blue, green, magneta, and tangerine

It also comes with a charging cradle. A full charge nets you 9 hours of play-back.

Of course Alexa will tell you when the battery is low.

How the Amazon Tap is Different

In my opinion, the Tap gives you a less costly version of the Echo.

Here are some differences below:

  • There is no “always listening” draw to this device and it is marketed as a portable speaker.
  • The Amazon Echo is virtually hands-free and is marketed as your in home personal assistant.
  • With the Tap you get portability, durability, speaker quality and the Alexa Voice System.
  • The Tap gets 9 hours of battery life while the Echo is a stationary plug-in device
  • Tap is roughly half the size of the Echo

showing the height & width of the Amazon Echo
showing height & width of Amazon Tap

I see it simply as… the Tap is portable and smaller. So, now you can take the Tap with you and if you don’t have WiFi then you can use you mobile devices HotSpot capabilities.

Amazon Tap is somewhat the second coming of the Echo.

You can order the Amazon Tap here.

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  1. Julia George | March 30, 2016 at 5:51 am |

    I understand the product tap via your description and the comparison to echo. For me that is a major accomplishment thanks to you!

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