how to sell household items and things I don't need on ebay

How To Use eBay To Sell Unwanted Items

I have been selling on eBay since 2004. I was in college and had never heard of eBay until I was looking for some cheat codes for a video game. I soon realized that there were just regular people selling almost anything on the site….

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developing and growing your business audience

Establishing & Growing Your Business Audience

Creating a business is challenging! Identifying and building your business audience is a very important part of the equation. In the beginning stages many business owners elect using word-of-mouth advertising to build a customer foundation. But, when scaling your business for fast growth many look…

how to profit from a yard sale

Yard Sale Gems: Don’t Miss Out

Why a Yard Sale! As spring approaches… so does the itch to get rid of some of that old stuff. Time to get rid of all the things taking up your extra space but did it cross your mind you could make money now with a…

Here are the steps to finding your PNC Virtual Wallet routing number

Finding Your Virtual Wallet Routing Number

I thought I should write a quick post on how to find your PNC Virtual Wallet routing number because it took me a ridiculous amount of time to find this number when it should be pretty easy to obtain. With Virtual Wallet being focused on…

Graph illustrating more money and extra cash

7 Ways To Extra Cash

Extra Cash. You want it… You need it… Maybe, you just like it… Here are some ways to get it! Even if you’re employed and bringing in a respectable income that pays your bills, would you reject the opportunity to make extra cash online, on the…