Can’t Install WordPress with QuickInstall?

Hopefully I can help someone with this article…

I have a number of WordPress sites. Two years ago when I started making these sites I was using Fantastico. Then, at some point Host Gator switched the process to Quick Install by MOJO Marketplace.

WordPress Won’t Install

So hear is the issue.

When I tried to install WordPress to my new domain, I was greeted with this message: (Using Google Chrome)

enable cookies to use quick install


So, I’m thinking…

Hey I’m pretty sure I have cookies enabled but I’ll go ahead through this process. Maybe something was changed on my end without me even realizing.

Nope! Not the case. I went back to begin the install and still got the same message. Seeing that I am one of those guys who doesn’t like to ask for help…

Time to Contact the Support Team

I kept trying to install WordPress with NO LUCK!

After 2 days I finally broke down and emailed the Quick Install support team. To my surprise I wasn’t the only one with this problem. They have been working with Host Gator to correct the issue.

And that’s when the support tech gave me a huge, yet simple tip!

Here are the steps needed to enable Quick Install installation with WordPress:

  1. Go into “Incognito Mode”, located at the top right corner of your browser page.
  2. Open a new “Incognito” page
  3. Go back to your Host Gator Cpanel
  4. Click on Quick Install and go through the normal process

That should do it! This worked for me in no time. I wish I emailed support 2 days ago.


Hope this helps someone!


7 Comments on "Can’t Install WordPress with QuickInstall?"

  1. I’m currently having this problem. Thanks you for creating this I’ll try it.

  2. Julia George | March 17, 2016 at 5:32 pm |

    I am greatly impressed!

  3. Thank you for your compliment and comment!

  4. hey, it didn’t work for me:( . I’ve e-mailed quick install support now. thanks anyway for sharing the info. Fantastico was so much better.

  5. I really wanted this to work for me but it did not. I guess I’ll have to install it the old fashion way. I too am using Host Gator.

    Thanks though!

  6. Since you tried to help me, I’ll help back. It didn’t worked for me unfortunately. But here’s how you solve this. On that same page that gives the error after you try to install, look at the right side and you’ll see “My Installs”. Click this and you’ll see that it still shows as installed, even after you delete it. Choose “Unistall” and then try again.

    Hope that helps!

  7. Thanks for your help Mike! I really need to update the article.

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