Be More Productive Eliminate Distractions

be more productive and eliminate distractions to reach your goals

In the era of cell phones, computers and social media there are endless ways to distract ourselves.  Everyone has had the experience of trying to be productive to achieve goals only to be led astray by the distractions of the modern age.

Many individuals in our society are hounded by the need and desire to make more money.  Achieving increased income is difficult, but better time management is a key to achieving the goal of more wealth.  There are tools to increase productivity available to all individuals.

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If you need to focus your time and attention to better your place in the world, and need some advice on how to tune out the ‘come hither’ voices of cell phones, computers and all the glamour of social media; this article is for you.

While it may be tempting to tell oneself that you are going to give up wasting your time on Facebook and Twitter, it may be a hard goal to set in the beginning.  One of the first lessons of better time management is to devote a specific amount of time to different responsibilities in order to ensure that everything gets done.

So if you need to devote time to reworking your resume, or finishing your dissertation but are easily distracted by social media; set a specific goal that limits your distractions in order to increase productivity.

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For example, allow yourself five minutes of distraction for every hour devoted to the task at hand.  For some people, this approach is far more manageable than a ‘cold turkey’ approach, and can prove more productive over long periods of time.

Social Media is Draining Your Productivity

One of the basic tools to increase productivity is learning how to weed out distractions from your work space.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare,Google+, Pinterest, Google Chat, SnapChat and Reddit are all social media creations that are available to us through our computers and smartphones.

According to Forbes magazine, there are over 12.2 billion collective hours in the US being spent on social networking every day.  The estimate is that this costs the U.S. economy approximately $650 billion dollars per year.  College students are said to spend approximately three hours a day social networking, and only two hours a day devoted to studying.

If you are falling behind in your work, or feeling that you continuously set goals that you cannot meet; pay attention to what it is that is consuming all of your time.  Social media needs to be moved to the background if it is dominating your life in a negative way.  Disconnect, suspend your accounts, turn off notifiers, do whatever is needed to force you to stop manically checking your social media accounts.

Try a Social Media Cleanse…

I actually went through with a social media cleanse last year. I kept my accounts but I removed all of my social media apps from my phone. Except I kept Facebook… removing the app from the home screen but allowing it to stay on my phone.

I did this for a month and it worked. I was way more productive. I started reading books again. I was more engaged with what was going on around me and I thought more clearly… about important things.

The thing is… 

People who spend a ton of time on social media, don’t think they spend a TON of time on social media. Honestly, I didn’t think I spent that much time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. I was wrong…

This app will make you see the light…

The app I run on my smartphone called RescueTime. It lets me know how much time and productivity I have wasted throughout the day. I will even break it down and show how much time I spent on Facebook, Twitter, Text Messaging, ect.

During one week I spent a little over 16 hours on social media and other task. 16 hours!!! In 16 hours I could have worked two days doing a 9 to 5 job or done something else to build the businesses I currently work on each day. Now, this is not all wasted time for me because I use social media to help market my businesses. Some of those hours actually are productive.

One goal that you may be having difficulty reaching is the goal to make more money.  There are some specific ways that eliminating modern distractions can lead to increased income.  There is the common saying ‘time is money’, and this is something to keep in mind.

If tasks like checking emails and social media accounts take a bit of your time throughout the day, eventually this adds up to a significant amount of time and this is time that is lost to you.  This is time that did not bring you closer to meeting your goals to make more money, and you are no closer to the increased income you desire.

In order to successfully devote yourself to the tasks before you, it is necessary to de-clutter your life both physically and digitally, make some to-do lists for better time management, establish some healthy routines in your day, and un-plug your television.

Following these steps will bring you closer towards financial freedom and will also allow you to be a more focused and content individual.

No Clutter Allowed

Your physical work space should be seen as a representation of the quality of work you are doing.  Get rid of unnecessary objects in your space, sort through neglected papers, and tidy up.  This works on obvious and subtle levels to allow you to increase productivity.

Your digital work space also needs attention.  This may be the point in which you turn off your notifications, set times of the day for checking email, etc., or simply de-activate accounts which are taking too much of your time with no positive return.

A handy tech gadget that has been reducing clutter for years now is the Neat organizer. It scans papers, bills, invoices, business cards, you name it… and organizes and stores them on your computer. Quick and simple.

 Make a To-Do List

Prioritize your needs and goals and make a list to follow.  Finish projects that you begin.  Writing down what you need to do helps with better time management, and helps you to free your mind from obsessing over what needs to get done and allows you to actually do it instead of constantly thinking about it with no progress.

I’m naturally a pen & paper type of guy… but there are also apps that can help, especially when your having trouble detaching from your electronic life.

The one app I do use is called  and to be honest it annoys the hell out of me! But, it pushes me to get things done. You can snooze it and all that good stuff but it keeps coming back. Knowing you don’t want to actually forget to do what the app is reminding you about… you will actually do it instead of falsely pressing “Done”.

 Healthy Routines

Everyone has a natural rhythm.  Tap into yours.  Focus on yourself and when you are at your best.  Are you most creative and productive in the morning?  Do you have your strongest time of problem solving in the evening?  Be sure you are using your peak times to do productive work, and are not whiling away your creative energies on meaningless social media drivel.  Eat well and regularly.  Exercise and devote time to leisure.  Developing a healthy routine is one of the less obvious but most important tools to increase productivity.

A routine I adopted a while ago went like this…

  1. I’d wake up every morning and drink four glasses of water. I mean back to back to back to back. Done.
  2. Brush my teeth, wash my face
  3. Take a 1 mile run / walk (15 min)
  4. Take a shower
  5. Eat breakfast (1 cup oatmeal & 3 boiled eggs)
  6. Get dressed
  7. Pack up meals (meal prep on Sunday… eat 6 times per day)
  8. Drive to library / meeting site to work

This morning routine got my day started. A bonus factor was the lack of cell phone service where I was living. No phone calls, no text, no social media, and no TV. I was already unplugged.

I went on to loose 27 lbs in almost in a little over 2 months.

 Un-plug your Television

Although your television can provide you with comfort and relaxation in a safe and unchallenged way, it does very little to help you increase productivity, increase income or grow and evolve as a human being.  It is a major time waster and does little to enrich you.  Turn it off.  Throw it out the window.  Give it away.

You will be surprised by how little you miss it. I sold my television on Facebook and I get so much more accomplished without it adding to my distractions.

Take the Chance. Increase your Productive Potential

These simple tools/ideas to increase productivity are available to all of us, and can open up new doors that lead us toward the unique success that belongs to each of us.

Eliminate distractions TODAY!

Really, Do it RIGHT NOW!!

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