7 Things To Avoid When Pursuing Great Wealth

How to gain wealth? Avoid these 7 things.

You’re pursuing great wealth.  Not just for yourself but possibly your family.

Maybe you grew up with no money.

Maybe you had money growing up and can’t imagine not having the same, or better, lifestyle.

It’s a dream for many people every day.

There are so many ways to become financially wealthy…

You can win the lottery (not likely), start your own business, inherit some dough from that rich uncle, or steal the money (terrible idea).

There are ways out there that haven’t even been discovered yet.

But, if you truly DO NOT want to pursue wealth then read the list below to see how you can help yourself in avoiding the path to being wealthy and establishing generational wealth for the generations after you.

1.  Save Me A Spot on the Couch (Watching TV)

Here is the problem:

Watching TV will tank your efforts of doing anything productive!

Until recently I watched way too much television.  Sitting around watching shows for hours can really knock you off course.  Last summer I sold my TV and Xbox and I have been so much more in tune with planning and production.

I will say this; TV is not always bad if you are watching for the right reasons. You could be watching for educational purposes… learning skills that will help you with your plan.

Maybe the founder of a large company is doing an interview on how he/she got started developing their business… of course you want to tune in for that show.

Truthfully, most of the time we are watching television for entertainment purposes, we can’t miss “The Voice” or a new episode of “The Big Bang Theory” is coming on tonight.

I once watched a marathon of “The Walking Dead” for 5 hours!  FIVE (5) HOURS!!!

You are more likely to buy the newest McDonald’s burger while watching TV than to learn steps for becoming wealthy.

2.  Hey, Order A Pizza & Wings (Eating Unhealthy)

Here’s the deal:

You want to live long enough to actually build wealth and enjoy being wealthy!

I’m only at #2 but you can see the cycle beginning.

There is a very good chance you will see a fast food, candy/soda or beer commercial while watching TV.  The companies know you will buy this stuff.

Studies have shown that most unhealthy foods are consumed in front of the television…

I mean who really has time to cook when the new season of  “Scandal” is about to premiere?

Eating unhealthy has a major effect on your productivity and is the leading source of obesity in the United States.

Junk food gives some immediate satisfaction but afterwards you feel tired, bloated, fatigued and depressed.

That is not the way you want to feel while trying to plan and when actively engulfed in building wealth.

Most of all, unhealthy eating opens you up to a variety of health concerns leading to hospital bills and a significantly shorter life expectancy.

Your slowing down your pursuit of wealth by paying hospital bills, buying medication, or paying for funerals.

3.  I Just Got A New Car… I’m Wealthy! (Buy “Stuff”)

Hey… why not?

You just received your tax refund.

Just earned a bonus at work.

It’s a holiday, might as well buy something.

Go buy that new iPhone and don’t forget there is a new 80 inch ultra HD TV that just hit the market and it’s a must have for your apartment.

All you have to do is at least pay your bills first and then any money left over can go toward buying something.

Make a list of what you want to purchase and then just make it happen.

Don’t learn about investing in the stock market. Make sure you don’t invest in real estate either.  There is absolutely no need to save that money and put it towards a business idea.

And, a 529 Plan for the kids… they’ll be just fine.

Find Out: What is a 529 Plan and how can it help your children???

The wealthy people of the world build their wealth off of consumers.  You consume, they get rich.  So, go ahead… That 2016 BWM is calling your name.

4.  Pay Attention to Me, Please! (Be Popular)

You just bought all this new stuff… that should make you somewhat popular.

All you need to do is post about it all on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Your followers will retweet, share and repost it to their friends.  Next thing you know people everywhere will want to follow you because it “looks” like you’re living it up.

If that doesn’t work, do something crazy, something that is death defying.  I know I know, you could die but so what… people will like it and you’ll be a little more popular.

You have to do something to get everyone’s attention.  If you don’t you will looked at as weird or an out-cast by people you thought were your friends.

You don’t get to become financially wealthy when you care how many people like you, being popular, or having a huge group of friends.

The wealthy usually have few friends because people in the past thought their ideas were stupid.

Their old friends thought they were crazy for spending so much time developing their ideas/businesses.

Want to know the best part:

If you’re worried about being popular and having people like you… it’s going to be really hard to become financially wealthy.

Who am I kidding though, being popular is the most important thing these days.

In all honesty, popularity can increase your wealth. Knowing how to plan, structure and monetize your popularity will be the issue.

5.  I Hate This, I Hate That (Be Negative)

Think about it…

You’re trying to do something positive. Don’t project negative thoughts!

I had the worst day.

I can’t do it.

I’m broke, and I’ll never get to where I want to be in life… I could go on and on with this one.

The one that bothers successful and wealthy people the most is “I can’t”.  Yes, you can!

There is always a way but are you willing to figure it out?

Instead of saying “can’t” try saying “how can I”.

It’s pretty simple, just keep being negative and complain about everything you can and don’t ever try to find solutions or find the reasons why things have gone wrong.

That’s the way to go!

6.  He Did It, She Did It, It Wasn’t My Fault (Blame Everyone Else)

It had to be someone else’s fault.

There is no way YOU could be responsible for the bad situation you find yourself in today.

On the other hand, if everything were going great you would be self-made and no one helped you get there.

I know you didn’t get the job you wanted because the interviewer asked you a ridiculous question and you didn’t know the answer.

You lost $500.00 by giving it to your best friend with a money making idea he came up with last night.

No way that’s your fault for not researching anything; he is your best friend!

Whenever something doesn’t go the right way for you, just blame someone else.

You’re only directly responsible for the good things that happen in your life.

7.  Well You See… Umm… I Tried But (Have an Excuse)

Come up with something to get yourself out of a tough situation.

Don’t give a solid reason why something didn’t go as planned followed by another plan to reach the goals you missed.

That’s just crazy!

There is always an excuse. There is no shortage of excuses; you can always come up with a new one.

If you can’t come up with a good excuse you can always…

Go buy a big screen TV, you will become popular.

Then invite those new friends over but make sure you order tons of unhealthy food.

Sit back and be a couch potato as someone you hardly know robs you blind.

Be sure to complain about it to those new “popular” friends.

Blame them for not helping you find out who robbed you.

Be negative at work on Monday morning as you retell the story to coworker after coworker then give your boss that excuse on why you didn’t get any work completed all day.

That should do it.

I really DO want myself  and the people I know to become wealthy so please avoid doing these things as you pursue great wealth.

Good luck and enjoy the journey.

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