Amazon Echo An Underestimated Giant

amazon Echo Should not be underestimated

You are going to read about why the Amazon Echo and why you should have one!

You might have seen the Amazon Echo during a Superbowl 50 commercial but if  you haven’t already heard… you need to know about the Amazon Echo.

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This thing is a game changer and perfect as a gift to family, friends… whoever!  Some people like music, some love to read, maybe they’re into sports, or you have someone is just a huge tech geek.

Either way you look at it…

The Amazon Echo will put a huge smile on anyone’s face!  Hey, do take my word for it.

What is the Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is a conveniently small, yet powerful… extremely smart, yet cool tech device designed around your voice.

That’s right… YOU’RE VOICE!

It’s completely hands free and is always on, ready for your next command.

The Echo has seven, keenly tuned microphones with beam-forming technology. This thing can hear you from across the room – even while the music is playing.

The speaker is tuned with expert precision and fills any room with rich, immersive sound.

The Amazon Echo connects to a cloud-based voice service, called Alexa.  This pairing lets Echo provide information, answer questions, check sports scores and/or weather, play music, and read the news.

All you need to do is ask.  The moment Echo hears the “wake word”, it’s alert and ready to perform.

Check out this coolness!

What can I say to Amazon Echo?

Here are few… just for starters:

  1. What’s on my calendar today?
  2. Read audio books
  3. When do the Philadelphia Eagles play next?
  4. What’s the weather like in Los Angles this weekend?
  5. Add ice cream to my shopping list.
  6. Set an alarm for tomorrow.
  7. Play “90’s Hits” station on Pandora
  8. Order me a pizza

Not too shabby, right?

Amazon Echo’s Voice Recognition

No need to worry, Echo can hear you.

Strategically placed just under the light ring of the Echo are seven, that’s right seven, microphones.

The microphones have sensors, using beam forming technology.

Simply put…

The Amazon Echo can hear you from across the room, in any direction, and while the music is playing.

The Amazon Echo is Smart and can Get Even Smarter

Here is what I mean:

You’re always talking to the Echo, right?

So, over time as you ask questions and give commands the Amazon Echo adapts to your specific speech patterns, personal preferences, and vocabulary.

And remember, Alexa is the brain of Echo… Alexa lives in the cloud and is always getting smarter.

Here’s the best part:

Because Echo is always connected… it’s updated automatically. You don’t have to touch or say a thing.

The Amazon Echo already has an unbelievable skill-set.  The possibilities are endless…

They’ve already added:

Streaming from Pandora, sports and weather updates, Audio books from Audible, Amazon re-ordering, you can even control a number of your household devices with Echo.

Connect your WeMo, Phillips Hue, SmartThings, and Wink devices to Amazon Echo and watch your daily life change!

What about the Sound?

We can’t forget about the speaker!

At the core of the Amazon Echo there are two speakers. A 2.5-inch woofer and a 2-inch tweeter.

These bad boys produce some amazing sound and they are fine tuned to deliver extremely crisp vocals along with dynamic bass response.

The two speakers are downward firing with produces 360 degrees of omni-directional sound to fill your room with immersive audio pleasure.

I bet you’re wondering…

What exactly can I listen to on the Amazon Echo?

Well, Echo has hands-free voice control for:

Amazon Music

Prime Music




Echo is also Bluetooth – enabled allowing you to stream services like Spotify from your smart phone or tablet.

Don’t Want to Move an Extra Muscle? You Don’t Have to!

Use your Amazon Echo to turn on a lamp when you walk in from a late night, turn on a fan or heater while you watch your favorite movie, or dim the lights to set the mode for that special someone.

And guess what:

You can do all of the above without walking across the room… I mean you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Conveniently Connect to your Home Devices

Yes, you heard that right!

As mentioned earlier… the Echo can help you control your home.  Easily connect to a number of smart devices, controlling lighting, outlets, and more.

Don’t Forget About the Alexa App

You’re away from home? No need to worry.  Alexa has a companion app, available at Amazon Apps, Google Play and Apple App Store.  You can access and manage shopping list, alarms, music and much more!

The Crowds Roar

Thousands of people just like you have purchased the Amazon Echo and it has been loved by a large majority of purchasers.

Here is a summary what we’ve heard so far:

The Echo seems to be a massive hit.

Older adults are using it in conjunction with their home devices to help overcome limits set through disability.

Imagine being in a wheel chair or hampered by limited mobility. That’s when having the Amazon Echo allows you to sit back, relax and let the device do some of those small things for you.

Wait there is more:

We’ve all had a time when we asked someone to wake us up in 20 minutes or an hour, right?

Of course they don’t always do it and then you’re rushing to get ready when you finally wake up.  Well not Alexa. Just ask her to wake you up and she’ll do it.

The best part is, she will be quite until that time comes!

Wow! I never would have seen this coming…

As a kid I struggled with math. Most of the time

I had no one to check my homework to make sure it was correct. Would you believe you, your kids or grand kids can check their simple math problems with Echo?

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I don’t know about these new common core math problems… they are pretty confusing!  The ability to check math problems is pretty cool! I wonder what else you can check with the Echo.

Check out this last one:

So, you’re making the Sunday grocery run, made your list with Alexa throughout the week while your significant other is engulfed in NFL football games.

While you’re out  he drinks his last beer, finishes off the last jar of salsa, and the last bag of frozen hot-wings are currently being devoured.

All he needs to do is ask Alexa to add those items to the grocery list!

Talk about convenience!

There is only one way to say it…

The Amazon Echo is a game changer!  With constant updates and new features the Echo is here to make your life easier and for all it does you can’t beat the price.

Whether you buy it, as a personal gift for yourself or as a gift for someone else I think you’ll be truly satisfied with your purchase.

Buy the Amazon Echo

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